Yad Moss Ski Slope is run entirely by volunteers. Over the last 40 years facilities have gradually been improved and we can now offer accessible opportunities to enjoy snow sports in this beautiful part of northern England. Every penny we take gets ploughed back to improve the experience.

The ski area is served by a fast Poma tow of 600m length and 125m vertical rise. Unfortunately the tow is not suitable for novices, and operators reserve the right not to sell you a ticket.

In good snow conditions there are  8 blue/red ski runs of up to 800m in length.  The highly variable snow cover and rough moorland terrain mean that it is not possible to mark each run in the same way as an ‘alpine piste’.  Instead the ski runs are lined by snow fences or otherwise follow shallow gullies or areas where the grass has been cut shorter.  Snowsports are often only possible at Yad Moss because the absence of rocks and the grassy surface enable skiing on very thin snow cover.

The daylodge provides warmth and shelter for your picnic.  Please bring your own food and drinks. The daylodge is also where you will find our composting toilets.

You will need to bring your own skiing equipment and suitable clothing to keep you warm and dry. Unfortunately there are no ski hire facilities at Yad Moss.

To view our pistemap CLICK HERE